Rare Collection

Tuscan Pots is delighted to unveil its Rare Collection in 2024. This collection brings together the rarest pieces of Impruneta art wrought in terracotta for the home or garden. Made up of pieces derived from the last remaining moulds from 19th century Tuscan workshops, or particularly unusual ornaments which require a level of skill rarely seen in the 21st century, the Rare Collection is the summit of terracotta creation; where the conflict between artistry and craftmanship is at its most intense.

Crafted using a mix of old and ancient techniques, these works are made by individual potters who have been working with this same clay for 40-50 years, as their forebears did before them. The understanding and devotion to this process is without compare, and their stewardship of this tradition is very special. One of our potters is still mining the quarry used to create the Impruneta bricks which made the dome of the Cathedral of Florence, and can date the site of his kiln back to this time.

In this collection, several pieces have been bespoke made or altered for specific aesthetic purposes. Each object takes the time required to make it the most authentic realisation of an aesthetic and philosophic ideal. These objects are designed to capture a sense of mystery in the observer's eye; it is this mystery, which leads to questioning, which makes these objects companions for at least a lifetime, and which has captivated the human psyche for so long already.

All prices available on application, and please do contact us with any questions you might have about the history or creation of any of these pieces.