Robert Moy
Garden Design

Robert Moy has been designing and crafting gardens across the South of England for over twenty years. He has been designing and creating natural spaces from an early age having grown up on wildlife parks on the Norfolk Broads and in Argyll. After graduating from Oatridge Agricultural College he went on to spend ten years in Tuscany learning plant husbandry and garden design from the large local nurseries in Pistoia. Robert and Francesca Moy established Tuscan Pots in Oxford in 2000.

A Robert Moy design aims to be ever-constant yet ever-changing. Robert’s gardens are built around an evergreen structure which provides a sense of permanence through the seasons. Spontaneity and variety are created through a tailored choice of herbaceous plants and bulbs, designed to alternate to provide splashes of different colours and textures throughout the year. This allows for sustainable and individual gardens in both small and large spaces.